Sushi Yoshizumi in June - a photographic essay

Sushi Yoshizumi in June - a photographic essay

I'm often asked why I don't review all the new sushi shops opening in San Francisco, since I live here. The answer is simple: I love traditional Edomae-zushi, and very few of the new shops that have opened in San Francisco in the last two years (Robin, Ju-Ni, Hinata, Kinjo, etc) qualify as true Edomae-zushi. Sure, the base foundation is Edomae, but all these restaurants offer "modern" sushi: gold flakes, truffle shavings, too many aburi pieces, shiro dashi-emulsified egg yolk (??), caviar, wagyu with foie gras, grapefruit ponzu with chives, HUH? 

I'm not saying hipstermae-zushi is bad, I'm saying is that it is not for me. Obviously plenty of folks in SF love this new style of sushi, and I'm happy that they have so many new places to try out. Me, I'm quite happy visiting Sushi Yoshizumi in San Mateo every four weeks for my fix of real Edomae-zushi.

Below are photos of my meal at Sushi Yoshizumi on Saturday June 24th. If you're after true Edomae Sushi in the Bay Area, this fantastic sushiya remains at the top. 

Sushi Yoshizumi

325 E 4th Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401