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Sushi Yoshizumi in April - a photographic essay

The Sushi GeekComment
Sushi Yoshizumi in April - a photographic essay

I continue to cherish my frequent visits to San Mateo’s Sushi Yoshizumi. In the past four years I’ve dined here about fifty times. So what makes one want to return to the same restaurant over and over?

Simply stated, the sushi and otsumami just keep getting better and better. Yoshizumi’s shari is just about as perfect as you’ll find, with a wonderfully rounded flavor, pleasant texture, good sourness from a blend of premium akasu and komesu vinegars, and most importantly, great balance. I absolutely love it, and would rank it up there with the best anywhere in the world. The quality and diversity of ingredients keeps increasing as well. Where else in the region can you get luxurious tai shirako or hamaguri? And the chef’s skills are at an all-time high, with pitch-perfect aging methods and accomplished teate (prep work such as marinating and curing) on full display.

Below are photos of my most recent meal there, the extended omakase served in mid-April. Note that a couple of delicate pieces (like bafun uni nigiri) were served directly into my hand, those pieces were not photographed. I’ve added a couple of brief comments below as well.


Lovely hotaru ika in prime season.

The botan ebi (top right) was aged three days and ridiculously good, as was the komochi yari-ika (pregnant spear squid filled with its own eggs, middle right). I also greatly enjoyed the iwashi maki (bottom left).

Ankimo, tai shirako, and a vinegared seaweed palate cleanser. The tai shirako was memorable.

Amadai (tilefish, left) aged 10 days: so full of umami, a spectacular piece.

Two more highlights: aji from Kyushu (top left) and insanely good hamaguri (bottom left).

Kohada: always a favorite. Yoshizumi-san’s prep work for this fish is out of this world.

Sushi Yoshizumi

325 E 4th Ave. San Mateo, CA 94401