Sushi Keita in Tsukiji, Tokyo - a return visit

Sushi Keita in Tsukiji, Tokyo - a return visit

What makes a great sushi dining experience? To me, a number of factors come into play. Delicious sushi, of course, is the most important component. But the price / performance ratio, the shop’s design and atmosphere, the chef and staff’s friendliness, the shop’s location, the clientele, all these things come into play. And Sushi Keita is one of those rare shops that ticks all the boxes for me.

I’ve previously written about this wonderful restaurant here, so won’t go into details about the shop’s history, chef Aoyama-san’s pedigree, or the style of sushi offered here. I’ll just say this: in the past 12 months, I’ve been lucky enough to visit Sushi Keita two more times - and I can report that the experience just keeps getting better and better. How Keita-san is able to procure top quality neta at the prices he charges is a mystery to me. And his shari…. oh…. his shari….. is sooooooo good. Perfectly balanced, al dente, nicely sour, a little salty, and so delicious. And it is a perfect match for his artfully prepared neta.

Keita recently earned its first Michelin star. Bookings can be secured via PocketConcierge (yuk) or good hotel concierge services (yay). Below are photos of most (but not all) of the tasty morsels that were placed in front of me a few months ago. Please try not to drool on your computer or mobile device.


Sushi Keita

6 Chome-6-4 Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan