Bentenyama Miyako Sushi in Asakusa, Tokyo - a return visit

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi in Asakusa, Tokyo - a return visit

I recently paid another visit to my favorite "mid budget" sushi-ya: the always fantastic Bentenyama Miyako Sushi. I've already written a long post regarding this shop back in 2016, but to quickly recap, the shop has been around since 1866 and serves über-traditional Edomae-zushi prepared by 5th generation master chef Tadashi Uchida.

This time around, I visited the shop right at their 5PM opening. I was in a hurry, so decided to only order the 10 piece "Asaji" set priced at ¥5,500. 

As expected, all 10 pieces were delicious, but the two standouts on this night were the kohada (pictured above left) and the amazing ni-ika (squid simmered in a soy-flavored stock) pictured below - a rare Edomae prep technique that you'll only find at a handful of very traditional Tokyo shops.

I really enjoyed the delicious sushi and the nice chat with Uchida-san and look forward to visiting this great shop again soon.


Bentenyama Miyako Sushi

2 Chome-1-16 Asakusa, Taitō-ku, Tokyo