Kanpyo & tamago maki - a photographic essay

A kanpyo maki, or gourd roll, as previously discussed here, is a delicious treat that dates back to the Edo period.

The photograph above shows what dried gourd looks like before being prepared. As you can see, it is white in color. The shoyu and sugar marinade is what eventually renders it dark brown. 

Kanpyo pairs well with other ingredients. In Osaka, it is often combined with tamago (egg), simmered tōfu, and oboro (minced sweet shrimp paste) and formed into a large roll called futomaki. In the Tokyo region, a small, thin roll called hosomaki (細巻) is prepared instead. 

Below is a series of photographs of master sushi chef Akira Yoshizumi preparing a kanpyo and tamago hosomaki. A wonderful combination of flavors and textures.