Michelin Guide Tokyo 2016 - the sushi list

The 2016 Tokyo Michelin Guide has just been released (for those interested in that sort of thing).  No newcomers to the list, but a couple of surprising omissions. Three sushi-ya received 3 stars (no change from 2015), and seven received 2, compared to last year's eight, with Harutaka inexplicably and rather shockingly losing both its stars after having just been promoted in 2015. Ten sushiya received 1 star as compared to last year's eleven, with Sushi Iwa gone from the list - probably due to a recent temporary move and renovation. Full list below.



Saito (Michelin | Tabelog)

Sukiyabashi Jiro Honten (Michelin | Tabelog)

Yoshitake (Michelin | Tabelog)



Hatsunezushi (Michelin | Tabelog)

Kimura (Michelin | Tabelog)

Mizutani (Michelin | Tabelog)

Sawada (Michelin | Tabelog)

Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi (Michelin | Tabelog)

Taku (Michelin | Tabelog)

Umi (Michelin | Tabelog)



Fukumoto (Michelin | Tabelog)

Ichikawa (Michelin | Tabelog)

Imamura (Michelin | Tabelog)

Isshin (Michelin | Tabelog)

Kanesaka (Michelin | Tabelog)

Kuwano (Michelin | Tabelog)

Masuda (Michelin | Tabelog)

Nakamura (Michelin | Tabelog)

Shin (Michelin | Tabelog) T

okami (Michelin | Tabelog)