Bentenyama Miyako Sushi in Asakusa

Asakusa is an area of Tokyo that retains some grit and old-world flavor. Of course, it is most famous for Sensō-ji, the major Buddhist temple that is an important tourist destination. But the area also features great restaurants including a really special Edomae sushi shop that is well worth a visit.

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi (tabelog link) is located only a couple of blocks from the temple. It first opened in 1866 and and remains one of the best places to experience true Edomae style sushi. The shop's founder actually trained under Hanaya Yohei who invented nigiri-zushi... you can't get any closer to the source of Edo-style sushi than this! Today, the shop's Taishō is fifth generation master Tadashi Uchida, a personable, friendly sushi master who is dedicated to continuing Edomae sushi traditions. The food is amazing, master Uchida and his staff are welcoming, and the prices are very reasonable. Anyone interested in true Edo-style sushi should visit this restaurant.

Check this site again in a couple of months for a full review, but in the mean time, if you find yourself in Asakusa, do yourself a favor and visit this great sushiya. 


Bentenyama Miyako Sushi

2 Chome-1-16 Asakusa, Taitō-ku, Tokyo